Is a Vapor Barrier Necessary for Your Home?

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Is a Vapor Barrier Necessary for Your Home?

Is a Vapor Barrier Necessary for Your Home?
Sep 04, 2019

Let’s imagine a house without a vapor barrier installed for the protection of its walls. It’s nice and dry at first, and stays so for a few months. But then you have the start of the hot season, and humidity levels fluctuate. In a couple of months, you notice the warmth and dry comfort vanishing from your house. Instead, it now feels damp and cold all the time.

The reason for this is the moisture (in the form of water vapor) that has accumulated inside your walls.

From your crawl space to the walls, nothing is a vacuum. There’s ductwork involved, plumbing, and exposed frameworks which are all vulnerable to moisture. This moisture could come from the soil underneath or from the walls where it’s been accumulating.

So if you’ve been having second thoughts regarding whether or not you should get a vapor barrier, here’s a list to remind you why buying one is in your best interests.

Keeps the Moisture in Check

 Moisture Check

Moisture belongs in the soil—and should be kept therein. This is specifically significant in areas such as Seattle, where the maritime moisture can become a real problem for homes, and especially the older ones. You need a vapor barrier to protect your house from potential damage effectively. Briefly put, the moisture stays in the soil where it belongs, whereas your house stays dry.

Keeps Rust Away

The structure of your house has metal incorporated within, and there’s only one result to expect when water meets metal: it’s rust. And rust is bad for your house. This is specifically concerning if there’s an HVAC system installed. Even if the metal used is stainless and galvanized, you can never be sure that you’re entirely safe.

Keeps the Wiring Away

If you thought water and metal were bad, imagine a combination of water, metal and electricity. A wiring hazard is simply waiting to happen. Joints mean that there are additional entry points for vapor, and once these get in, the wiring’s in trouble. Additionally, an animal that made its way under the house can also cause a loose conduit connector. Vapor barriers reduce the chances of this happening.

Keeps the House Dry

And last but not the least, vapor barriers keep the house nice and dry, free from odd smells, mildew, and mold. You can rest assured that the house won’t be causing anyone any allergies, respiratory tract infections, or other health complications anytime soon.

Ready to Buy a Vapor Barrier?

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    Save Money

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    Protect Your Home

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    Protect Your Family

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    Save Energy

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    Save The Environment

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    Green Crawl Space

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