Little to No Airflow from the Air Vent? Here’s What Could Be Wrong

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Little to No Airflow from the Air Vent? Here’s What Could Be Wrong

Little to No Airflow from the Air Vent? Here’s What Could Be Wrong
Aug 20, 2019

This has probably happened to all of us, only most people don’t really notice until they move about in the house, from one room to another: your cooling (or heating) is on, but one room hasn’t experienced any change of temperatures at all. You go and check your supply vent, and things begin to look worse: there’s no air floating out.

Often when the heating (or cooling) system fails to heat (or cool) a room in your house, it’s a ductwork issue. The problem, although frustrating, is not without cause. If you’re confused as to what might be causing this problem, we have some answers.

A Kinked Flex Duct

Flex ducts are, after all, flexible. This means that they’re vulnerable to bending and crushing, which leads to a blocked air channel. One room, as a result, fails to receive any air at all.

Disconnected Duct


It’s possible that your flex or sheet ductwork has become disconnected. This prevents one room from receiving the heating/cooling. Only professionals can pinpoint where the duct has been disconnected, and then seal the duct to fix the issue.

Leaky Air Duct

In the case that there is air coming out of your duct but it’s too little, you’re probably dealing with a leaky air duct. It could be that the duct has become littered with holes. This is a problem more common than you think, since anywhere between 20–30% of duct air is lost in many houses due to leaks and holes. A bad duct connection could also be causing this.

Closed Valves

A duct has valves that are responsible for controlling the flow of air in the duct. These valves, when functioning properly and open, work perfectly and rooms are heated/cooled per se. When the desired result isn’t what you were expecting, the valves are probably closed.


Sometimes an animal finds its way through to your air duct and nests inside, which causes a blockage and the result is no air in one room. Furniture might also block vents, which is a simple enough problem solved by shifting the furniture.

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