The Importance of Regularly Inspecting Your Crawl Space

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The Importance of Regularly Inspecting Your Crawl Space

The Importance of Regularly Inspecting Your Crawl Space
Jul 11, 2019

When was the last time you want down to your crawl space and gave it a long, hard look? If you haven’t been keeping track of the condition your crawl space is in, you’re in for some trouble!

Here’s what can happen if you neglect the space.

High Energy Bills

Unless you’ve properly insulated your crawl space, you’re in for expensive monthly energy bills. If you’re wondering why this month the costs are a little too high, it may be because of the poor crawl space ventilation and insulation in your crawl space that has interfered with your home’s temperature.

With the indoor environment too hot and humid or too cold, you’re compelled to use your heating and cooling systems more frequently, and for a longer duration. This results in the billing going higher than what you had expected, as you attempt to regulate indoor temperature. This can be avoided if you regularly inspect your crawl space to check whether the insulation and ventilation are working correctly, and install it if you haven’t already.

Contaminated Air

If the moisture content of an unattended crawl space isn’t monitored or regulated effectively and on time, it can lead to a series of problems, the biggest of which is poor air quality. Without vapor barriers or air vents in the crawl space, the indoor air allows more moisture to seep in which makes the indoor humidity level rise. This can trigger the growth of mold and mildew, which not only damage surfaces but also have health repercussions.

The mycotoxins released by mold can also seep through your walls and floorboards and enter other areas of your home. Respiratory problems and illnesses, damaged drywall and wooden surfaces, unpleasant odors, and the presence of chemical gases are only a few problems that result out of this poor indoor air quality.

Pest Infestations

While your crawl space may be laden with layers upon layers of concrete and have sturdy foundations, don’t let that fool you into thinking you don’t need to do regular checkups. If you head down after months of neglect, you might just find a few unwelcome visitors nesting in what now has become their home.

Crawl spaces are a special attraction for pests and creepy crawlies which slither in through openings, cracks, and holes in your space. They can cozy up in the dark, vacant corners of the space, disrupting your appliances and electrical wiring. In fact, they may even crawl through pipes and vents and enter other spaces of your home! Make sure you’re checking your crawl space regularly for an army of red ants or a family of mice living there!


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Why buy a crawl space door, flood vent,
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  • Save Money

    Save Money

    Save money on your utility bill with our ventilation, door, fan and vent cover products. You can save money on your flood insurance premiums with our FEMA compliant flood vent.

  • Protect Your Home

    Protect Your Home

    Moisture in the crawl space rots the wood under your home. Reduce the moisture in your crawl space with our crawl space doors, louvers, flood vents and portable exhaust fans.

  • Protect Your Family

    Protect Your Family

    A damp crawl space is unhealthy. Mold thrives in damp areas causing millions of airborne mold spores to enter your home. Toxic mold spores can be deadly to children and those with allergies and COPD.

  • Save Energy

    Save Energy

    Use our crawl space air vents and doors to ventilate your crawl space with natural air flow or forced air with our energy efficient exhaust and portable fans.

  • Save The Environment

    Save The Environment

    Reducing the moisture in your crawl space reduces mold that releases airborne mold spores into the environment.

  • Green Crawl Space

    Green Crawl Space

    Ventilate your crawl space with natural air flow with our crawl space air vents, louvers, and exhaust fans.

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