On Summer Cleaning Checklists: Air Ducts

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On Summer Cleaning Checklists: Air Ducts

On Summer Cleaning Checklists: Air Ducts
Aug 21, 2019

Summer is a time when most of us have our air conditioners and HVAC systems running. It’s also a time when most of us can afford the luxury to take a few days off and catch up on that spring cleaning session we’ve been putting off since—well, since spring. In addition to the mandatory cobweb removing and grand cleaning sessions, are you sure you’re not missing out on anything?

What about air ducts? Because if you haven’t considered them, you need to get them on your list as one of your top priorities.

The only thing worse than not cleaning air ducts in the summers is never cleaning them. If your house is decades old and the air ducts have never been cleaned, you’ll have a disaster on your hands. Allergies, mold-related health complications, and even asthma are on the list—which is why it’s best to see to those air ducts this summer, when the time is ripe.

And as for the guidelines, we’ve got you covered.

Determining Whether it Needs a Cleaning

If your house is old and the ducts have never been cleaned, there are no two ways of going about it—the cleaning must be done. However, if you cleaned your ducts only a few months ago, you might be questioning if it needs another cleaning this time on.

Check the vents out and get the vent covers off to inspect them properly. You can also flash a light into the boot and look for mold. For best results, dampen a cloth and swipe it around inside the duct. If there’s mold growing inside, you’ll catch it pretty quickly.

 Air Vents

It’s also quite possible that despite your best efforts, you haven’t been able to locate any mold—this doesn’t necessarily mean that the mold isn’t there. It could very well be growing within the coils, far from your line of vision. The safest option in this case is to get in touch with a professional and let them determine if a cleanup is needed.

What if My Air Ducts and Vent aren’t Cleanable?

If your ducts and vent are too far gone that simply cleaning them won’t solve the problem, there’s no reason to worry. It’s best that you find a replacement or repair option, since mold accumulation and unclean ducts can cause a great many problems for you in the long run. The air won’t be filtered right, and you’ll have health-related complications lined up.

Protect your home and yourself with a functional and stylish air vents from Crawl Space Door Store. If you’re worried about the ventilation, you can opt for a replacement automatic ventilator. To discuss the other options you have, get in touch with us.  

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