How FEMA Compliant Flood Vents Protect Your Home

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How FEMA Compliant Flood Vents Protect Your Home

How FEMA Compliant Flood Vents Protect Your Home
Sep 18, 2019

You may think it’s hard to protect your home with the help of just flood vents but these vents help secure your home in more ways than you know.

Especially the ones that comply with regulations laid down by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are extra efficient in preventing damage. The goal is to protect and support citizens in the face of adversities and mitigate all hazards effectively.

Not just that, properly installed flood vents also protect your investment from going down the drain and provide good value for money.

Here’s how FEMA-compliant flood vents can really secure your home from unforeseen danger.

Protects The walls

If the openings are installed within the foundation walls, the water will be able to flow unimpeded through the crawl space. This will not only dispense water pressure when needed but also protect the integrity of the walls. The FEMA regulation also mandates that one inch of the opening be left in the foundation wall for each square foot of the plot. However, you may need to purchase more vents according to the size of your choice.

Prevents Structural Damage

If every enclosed area has at least 2 openings within the foundation walls, structural damage in case of flooding can be minimized. However, in order for flood vents to work, they should be placed below flood level. Each opening must not be higher than a foot above the interior or exterior grade. This will ensure that in case of a flood, the foundations of the house remain unaffected by water pressure. Without vents, damaged houses are at risk of collapsing anytime due to weak foundations.

Easy Dispersion Of Hydrostatic Pressure

 flood vents

Graters, screens, grills, and fixed louvers often block the seamless flow of floodwater. Without such hindrances and with the help of flood vents, hydrostatic pressure can easily be released before it causes any damage to the walls or structure of the house. This is a precautionary measure which makes it possible for the pressure of water indoors and outdoors to equalize preventing doors and windows from bursting under pressure.  

Protects Basements and Garages

Flood vents are most needed in basements, garages, crawl spaces, and other enclosed spaces. This is because these places are at high risk of suffering damage under pressure. Flood vents really help vent out the pressure before it gets to the foundational structure of these spaces.

Manufactured in line with FEMA’s flood zone requirements, our engineered flood vents are designed to resist all kinds of floods. You can shop for FEMA flood vents from our online store. Place your orders right here before a flood gets the best of you!

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Why buy a crawl space door, flood vent,
air vent, or portable fan system?

  • Save Money

    Save Money

    Save money on your utility bill with our ventilation, door, fan and vent cover products. You can save money on your flood insurance premiums with our FEMA compliant flood vent.

  • Protect Your Home

    Protect Your Home

    Moisture in the crawl space rots the wood under your home. Reduce the moisture in your crawl space with our crawl space doors, louvers, flood vents and portable exhaust fans.

  • Protect Your Family

    Protect Your Family

    A damp crawl space is unhealthy. Mold thrives in damp areas causing millions of airborne mold spores to enter your home. Toxic mold spores can be deadly to children and those with allergies and COPD.

  • Save Energy

    Save Energy

    Use our crawl space air vents and doors to ventilate your crawl space with natural air flow or forced air with our energy efficient exhaust and portable fans.

  • Save The Environment

    Save The Environment

    Reducing the moisture in your crawl space reduces mold that releases airborne mold spores into the environment.

  • Green Crawl Space

    Green Crawl Space

    Ventilate your crawl space with natural air flow with our crawl space air vents, louvers, and exhaust fans.

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