Those Critters In Your Crawl Space Aren’t As Endearing As Mickey!

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Those Critters In Your Crawl Space Aren’t As Endearing As Mickey!

Those Critters In Your Crawl Space Aren’t As Endearing As Mickey!
Oct 24, 2019

Crawl spaces are inviting for rodents like rats and mice simply because they are damp, safe and warm. Plus, these spaces are often near tasty food supplies — like trash — and aren’t usually monitored by homeowners. So don’t be surprised if you see a rat scurry around late at night; the gaps between your home’s framing and spaces under doors are perfect entry points for these pests.

Rat infestation is not only a nuisance but can also turn into a serious health hazard. They contaminate food and their droppings can cause allergic reactions. Even worse, these rodents can create fire hazards by gnawing on wires!

Mice slip through holes as small as the size of coins so it can really be a hassle to stop them if they go undetected. Here’s what you can do to minimize the risk of rat infestation in your home:

Crawl space encapsulation

Your best defense against rodents is good offense — take preventive measures to contain the problem before it starts. You can start by inspecting your crawlspace; look for holes in heated pipes, broken vents in the attic and crawling areas around the yard.

Next, replace all old, rusting access doors that invite rodents into your crawl space. Our durable crawl space doors with louvers not only keep the critters out but are also a great way to keep those small spaces ventilated — minimizing the risk of mold or mildew.

Clean up your yard

After you’ve blocked the access points for rodents, take steps to discourage them from making their way inside in the first place. Rats are attracted to homes that are stocked with food — and a big source of that is in the rubbish and compost in your yard. Rake up all the nuts and berries dropped off from trees and discard them. Keep your bushes trimmed and get rid of all landscaping elements.


Plus, remember that these rodents need safe material for nesting, therefore, keep your yard free of clutter and trash. This also goes for the newspaper piles and cardboard boxes in the garage or attic!

Keep the garbage sealed and your home clean!

As much as it’s important to tidy up the places out in the yard, pay close attention to the cleanliness inside your home. Dishwashing after meals, cleaning up after crumbs and storing food in sealed plastic will keep your home free from rodent invaders. Remember, pet food is just as delectable to mice as it is to your pets, so make sure to enclose it in tight-containers.

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    Save Money

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    Protect Your Home

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    Protect Your Family

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    Save The Environment

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    Green Crawl Space

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